2019 Spirit of Comrades Nominations Open
July 10, 2019  

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“Do good and good will come to you!”
In the spirit of celebrating the do-gooders amongst us, the Comrades Marathon Association (CMA) is calling on runners, supporters and the greater public to submit their nominations for the annual Spirit of Comrades awards gala to be held in Durban in October.
64 outstanding recipients have been honoured with the prestigious Spirit of Comrades Award as well as a 24-carat gold medallion over the past 24 years. The prized accolade is bestowed on three deserving individuals every year in recognition of those who are esteemed to embody the “Spirit of Comrades”.
The criteria are fairly wide but as a guideline, the following factors may be considered:
• The candidate will have run the Comrades Marathon, most probably on numerous occasions.
• The candidate may in some way be associated as an integral player in the history of the Comrades Marathon.
• Most importantly the candidate may have exhibited a particular act of selflessness, sacrifice, courage or perseverance in a particular race or over a period of years.
• You will be able to nominate your candidate for the Spirit of Comrades Awards by completing this nomination form.

Awards will be awarded at the discretion of The Board. Should you wish to nominate an individual for this award, please complete the nomination form and send it to the CMA before 31 July 2019 or clickthrough to https://www.comrades.com/home-about/spirit-of-comrades.
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In no more than 120 words please let us know why you believe the person nominated above should be awarded the Spirit of Comrades Award. Please attach your motivation.
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PLEASE RETURN BY 31 JULY 2019 TO THE CMA – email: roxanne@comrades.com / Fax: 033 897 8660 / Post: P.0. Box 100621 Scottsville 3209 KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa