From the Air Force to Comrades
March 12, 2019  

Mention the name Malusi Dlomo amongst the South African Air Force and immediately people will point to the very fit and chiselled Dlomo, who for the past 3 years has won the award of fittest solider in the Country.
But, it’s not only for being fit in the air force that Dlomo is making a name for himself, but also on the roads as when Dlomo laces up his Nike trainers, he means business and the road running fraternity is starting to take notice of the Nedbank running club athlete.
Starting running back in 2011, when Dlomo started with the Nedbank running club in Kzn, Dlomo attempted the Comrades Marathon barely 6 months after first putting a pair of running shoes on and finished the up run in 7:23:08 in 357th position. Since then, the running bug had been bitten and completing another 7 Comrades since that debut, Dlomo now boasts a personal best time of 5:58:06 which saw him finishing 21st in the 2016 down run.
“This year I really feel ready to be amongst the top 10 at Comrades and I feel I am well on track,” said Dlomo from his workplace where he is a sergeant in the air force, specializing with aircraft survival equipment. With a 2:23 marathon personal best run at last month’s Cango Caves Marathon which saw him take the victory, Dlomo is definitely on track to see his goal come true.
When asked what has been the reason for Dlomo’s drastic improvement in the sport he attests it to his work in the air force. “I can say that the physical training we do in defence force definitely is a very important role in my running career. It makes my body strong all round and I am fortunate to also not have any injuries.”
With high mileage time now coming in for Comrades runners, Dlomo feels happy with where he is at the moment with his training. “I have improved on my marathon time and I am really happy with where I am right now as we head into the high mileage phase.” Come 9 June, be ready to see Malusi Dlomo eager to fulfil his dreams. “I am very thankful to Nedbank running club for supporting us the way they do, and the assistance goes a long way in enabling us to achieve our dreams!”