The Sold Out Sign is Coming!
May 9, 2018  

We are well into the last 10 000 entries for this years Old Mutual Soweto Marathon, have you secured your spot yet? If you are planning on entering, we suggest you click the button below and secure your entry today! You don't want to miss out on being a part of the People’s Race - a Movement Greater than Yourself!

To make getting entering as easy as possible, there is a range of options available:

The official closing date for entries is 30 June, 2018, or when the entry cap of 30,000 is reached. Make sure you secure your spot today! Remember that more than two-thirds of those entries are already taken.

Run YOUR Great

For every individual runner, racing is about fulfilling your potential through challenging yourself to beat your own best. By embracing the triumphant spirit that is inherently Soweto, you will be able to discover your greater self and be a part of ‘a Movement Greater than Yourself’. As we build up to the 25th People's Race, we want to hear how the Old Mutual Soweto Marathon will be YOUR great, so click on the link below and share your story!