August 25, 2017  

4-15 APRIL 2018

Eligibility of Athletes
For an athlete to be eligible for selection to the 2018 Commonwealth Games, the athlete shall satisfy the under-mentioned General Eligibility Criteria:
1.    Be a South African Citizen with a valid RSA ID.
2.    Be in possession of a valid RSA passport with an expiry date not less than 6 months after returning from the 2018 Commonwealth Games (31 October 2018)
3.    Have not represented another Commonwealth Country, unless they have received written approval from their respective NF, IF, SASCOC, and the country they represented previously.
4.    Be a member in good standing with ASA, the Provincial Federation, and the club affiliated to.
5.    Be a member of a South African club, affiliated to ASA, and registered on the ASA registration system.
6.    Not be under suspension for any offence (including but not limited to doping) during the selection period.
7.    Comply with and uphold the Constitution Rules and Regulations and Code of Conduct of SASCOC their NF and IF, and the CGF.
8.    Hold an active IAAF Athlete License.
9.    Compete at the NF’s National Championships as prescribed by the NF internal selection policy.
10.    Comply with the minimum age regulations as stipulated by the IAAF.