Generic training plan for 10, 21.1 , 42.2km (different finish times):
Comrades Training (Official Site)
Bruce’s average training week at the moment-preparing for a 7h30 Comrades marathon in June 2012
Hill training- Nick Bester


Training program for first time runners-5km.By Nick Bester
Training program for 60 minute 10km by Nick Bester
Training program for a sub 40 minute 10km
Training Program for a sub 1 hour 10km by Irvette van Zyl - A motivation letter from Irvette


Two Oceans 21km Training Program by Irvette van Zyl - Training for the Two Oceans Half from Irvette
Bruce Fordyce 10 week training programme for a half marathon
Basic Training program for a fast 21km by Zet Sinqe
Training program for sub 2h30 on 21,1km by Nick Bester


Caroline Wostman SA Marathon Training Program
Bruce Fordyce sub 4 hours marathon training programme
14 Week marathon training programme for a sub 02h12 by Pio Mpolokeng
Yasso 800s an invention of runner's world
Training program for sub 5h00 on 42,2km by Nick Bester
Basic Marathon program-By Bruce Fordyce

Soweto Marathon

Training programme of Farwa Mentoor for the 2002 Soweto Marathon which she completed in 2h50 min
Programme for Kabelo for a 3hour 55 minute Soweto marathon 2008

Two Oceans

8 Week training programme for a 04h15 Two Oceans by Nick Bester
Two Oceans - recommendations on how to run your best race
Two Oceans 21km Training programme for a Sub 02h00


10 week sub 5 hour Comrades qualifying programme
Interesting reading for Comrades!!!
Comrades 2003 programme followed by Adinda Kruger who finished in a time of 8:03:45
Comrades program for Kabelo for a sub 10 hour race -by Nick Bester
Comrades program for a triathlete(IRONMAN etc) who wants to run sub 8h00
Comrades program for serious athletes-sub 6h00 -by Nick Bester